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The creation of the European Academy of General Practice Teachers can be traced back to the creation of the first Levenhorst Group in 1974. This group also served as a seminar for the new in teaching general practice, and was remembered for defining the role of a doctor in general practice, this definition remains in force today. His successor and the New Levenhorst Group, which was established in 1982, he was engaged in the development of general practice as a discipline, teaching and learning.

It is believed that there is a need for further development to achieve its goal, to promote the discipline of general practice, as well as through teaching and learning, and that there is a need for an organization to support the very people who participate at all levels (bachelor's degree, vocational training and CME in teaching general practice.

The European Academy of General Practice Teachers (EURACT) was founded in March 1992. It was suggested that teacher support would be best provided by the organization to its members regarding how to be domestic organizations or organizations. The overall goal of the Academy is to encourage and maintain a high standard of medical care in general practice by encouraging general use as a way of learning and teaching”"

The use of the word University in the subject line of the it goal was intentional and intended to be transmitted to European structures in order to provide support and resources for general use by teachers. They are designed to fill in and interact with the existing general practice for organizations in Europe, in which special attention is paid to learning and teaching.

With the launch of the Academy, it has grown into the largest personal membership organization in Europe, with 650 members in 30 countries. Teachers in a country in WONCA Europe are a region of member states, and each member state has a representative on the committee, which is the governing body. Council meetings are held twice a year in different countries, and they are usually related to the work or behavior of the teacher. This is a regular participation in the European session of WONCA, which began in The Hague in 1993.

With the creation of the WONKA European Region/European Society of General Practice/EURACT Family Medicine has become one of the network of European organizations with a special interest in education, and played a leading role in the first conference of the three networks in 1999 and in Majorca, and the second in Tampere in 2001. This was the driving force and provided the main authors of the European Definition of Family Medicine published in 2002.

EURACT, he also works on his own and international meetings, and he held his successful first ever international meeting on drug use in general practice in Göttingen in 1994, which resulted in the publication of periodical articles by the Royal College of General Practitioners. The full list later at the meeting will be available on our website, but it is more recent, there were those:

1999, Social and Family Medicine in Europe - bled

1998, Lessons of Educational research -

Maastricht 2001 interview with a new template and basic content of family medicine in Barcelona

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