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Family medicine is recognized as one of the more important of the modern health care

for a system to be more popular among the residents in the state to maintain a personal relationship with the doctor in the

the world is becoming impersonal, as well as by policy-makers due to the inherent

cost-benefit" (1). It was noted by the WHO, in Europe, in his work on health care

a provision in Europe. (2)

In 2002, the wonca Europe, released a new specification of the European family medicine. 

All of these have arisen as a result of a change in the parameters of the previous ones, because he had a feeling that they are

they have become out of date and you need a preview for the 21st century. These were mostly descriptions

since the tasks of family doctor, the best-known of which is the,

The Levenhorst the Group in 1974, and (3. In the beginning, it was believed that a different approach

it was necessary, and that the essential elements of the discipline of general practice/family medicine

you need to define it first; but, if this were done, it was possible to define the role of the family

the doctor would come out of them.

The template contains the eight characteristics that are fundamental to the discipline, and the,

or maybe you generalizável of all of the health-care system, regardless of any differences, depending on the context. All

of them then combined into a single description of the role of the family physician. It is important to understand that the

the full benefits of general practice/family medicine for patients and the health care system is going to

don't be accomplished if all the eight key qualities in the market.

The document did not stop there, but goes on to teach the skills necessary to make

for you to become an indicator of a skillful way. In Miller's terms, and (4) competence in the field related to the

what they can show you when you provide, or recorded, and the data to which the student

whether in day-to-day practice. It describes how these features can be grouped

in the six jurisdictions, such as the acquisition of these can be transformed into a

performance and skills, and at the end of the performance, in the treatment of patients. The choice was deliberate

do not set the items on the actual performance, as it is very much related to the

the terms and conditions on the job, in the real practice, which is to a great extent, it depends on the location indicated by the GP/FM radio

in the health care system.

I went for two years to establish, and achieve consensus, EURACT

The council continued its work as it has gone for more than three years by the students at the school

results. The six fundamental skills that will lead to the definition of the 25th, the first level: 80

the educational objectives of the degree. The implications for education and research in family medicine

this work has made a deep impression. EURACT continue to work on issues in education

they showed up, and, as a first step, we create the "education program". For the WONTS

At a meeting in 2004 in Amsterdam, the EURACT, prepared the first draft of his "school calendar" as "a work

in the full swing". Having received comments from a variety of different people and with different approaches, it is

now, it is recommended that you have produced, for the year 2005, at a meeting at Which a more definitive version, which can take at least a couple of years ago. Calling it a "disposition" is intentional. It is clear

what is a review of the dynamics of where we are now, at the family medicine teaching and learning in the

European treaty, in which the work needs to be done is another item in the calendar. There you will be

to be the light of the discussions, reflections, and the change had been expected, and it will stimulate the group

the experts in order to discuss on a particular topic, and the release of the other articles in the issue.

After a couple of years now, so this may lead to modified settings.

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