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There are also various training systems in their countries and listed the advantages and disadvantages. The audience was surprised to learn the differences in different leadership training during the episode. One of his conclusions was that trainees should have a personal trainer or mentor who cares about their personal and professional development.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3, a plenary session of all participants was held. He exchanged conclusions from the results of the discussions in the groups. On the afternoon of Thursday, June 4, they offered their kind of conclusions in a session open to all participants of the WONCA conference.

The main points were:

More (policy) actions should be taken as the diameter of the definition Europe of GP / FM in all European countries.

In the future, it is necessary to facilitate the participation of junior doctors in the international.

A reduced Conference rate of junior doctors and tailored to your needs will be very useful.

It is recommended to continue the junior medical program for the next regional conference of WONCA Europe.

International trade instructors and training programs can be stimulated.

Most of this preliminary conference for junior doctors and its decision to establish a European network structure of junior doctors. Network of the organization, should be part of and be under the auspices of the WONCA Europe region.

The Hellenic Association of general practitioners (ELEGEIA), the host of order of the WONCA Europe in 2005, knowing the results of the JDP and recognizing essential, and very important role of trainees and their training, decided to explore the possibilities of organizing a continuation of the JDP in Kos.

Therefore, ELEGEIA sent a letter to all faculties and societies of Europe and other continents with a request for support for the participation of at least two interns and junior doctors of the country. A total of 10 countries have already responded.

At this stage, it is necessary to emphasize the role and participation of Euract in this project.

Accessible and effective parts of Euract members, who participated in the project, were recognized by the Dutch College. Over the past 3-4 years, Euract has proven its leading role in teaching, especially after its recent projects in the "new definition" and the upcoming" educational Agenda", not forgetting the rolling golf course and various brochures.

Perhaps the conditions have matured, and it is time for Euract to seize the opportunity to play its historical role: take the JDP under its auspices and bridge it with interns. This could be done by contributing to the design and organization of group work leaders, maintaining communication with a network of junior doctors - by the Working Group.

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