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The Dutch College of General Practitioners that people at the WONCA Europe 2004 conference, she had a brilliant initiative to organize an inviting preliminary interview for junior doctors. They suggested that national colleges and academies belonging to Wonca Europe appoint delegations of young teachers, rather than funding participants or specialists involved in curricula in their countries. Eleven countries appointed three representatives, and these 33 representatives were combined with an equal number of trainees from the Netherlands. All participants were distributed among 6 international companies.

In each group there were two teachers, a member of the Euract board and a GP coach, a senior employee of the training system in the Netherlands.

The preparation for the interview was planned using online group discussion and reflection in this environment. The goal is to know the right way and exchange relevant information before that.

They were asked to describe the safety of the structure in their countries, paying particular attention to the position of the general practitioner in their system, as well as describe their training program and mention their strengths and weaknesses. They are also asked to comment on: "The European Definition of General Practice/Family Medicine."

The preliminary conference took place on May 31 and June 1 and continued at the WONKA Regional Conference on June 2 and 3. After the opening prayer, the participants worked for several days in their groups. It was an intense exchange of thoughts and experiences. Realize the big difference that exists in the National Health System and the position of a general practitioner/veterinarian in these structures. They discussed the most important features described in the "European definition", namely: the role of the general practitioner in the Moors; the importance of cooperation and non-competitiveness between therapists and specialists in relation to the quality of patient care; in patient registration and the importance of letters of recommendation to specialists and reports on hand-to-hand combat and specialist interventions; the impact of a cost recovery system for therapists, capitalization fees or a service fee system. The participants were surprised when they realized what consequences this has for efficiency and cost-benefit ratio, as well as for the impact on the quality of medical care.

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